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Updated Date: January 5, 2023
Effective Date: January 5, 2023


ThermTec Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “We”) attaches great importance to user data protection. In combination with the rules for using cookie technology, we make this Cookie Policy in a clear, concise way in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and technical regulations. This Policy applies to [www.thermeyetec.com]. You will be informed and asked for agreement before using this website. After you understand our cookie technology and click “Agree”, it means that you agree to our use of the publicized cookie technology when using our website.
Cookie is a small data file consisting of letters and numbers, which is stored by the website on the device you use when surfing the Internet. We use Cookie to help provide and improve the use experience of our website [www.thermeyetec.com] through the information about our website usage and settings, as detailed in the following table. We use Cookie according to the General Rules for Cookie and our Privacy Policy.
Most web browsers allow some control over how to store Cookie on the device through browser settings. Only a few cookie technologies are used on this website, and most web browsers provide the “Do not Track” setting, through which you can disable the system from tracking your online behavior while visiting our website. Our system will store Cookie on your device when you visit any page on the website, unless you have adjusted your browser settings to not accept Cookie. For more information about Cookie, including how to view the cookies that have been set and how to block, manage and delete Cookie, please visit AboutCookies.org.  

[General Cookie Types]

1.Session Cookies
These cookies can track user input when submitting online data, and allow the system to identify users among pages or selections. Session Cookies usually expire after the end of the browsing session.
2.Permanent Cookies
These cookies help the website to remember your information, browsing history and settings when you visit it later, so that you can visit the website in a faster, easier manner. Permanent cookies will be stored in the folder on your device, unless you delete them manually or the system deletes them automatically based on the retention period of the Cookie folder.

[Cookie technology included in our website]

Name of Cookie
Type of Cookie
Collection Method, Usage and Processing Mode
Value, session cookie
Record whether you agree with the popup content, to avoid repeated inquiries every time you visit the website, resulting in unnecessary clicks.
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